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Customer Testimonials

"Your book is a true masterpiece! Congratulations and my deep respect for the work that went into it and the craftsmanship displayed."
- Lutz Wegner, Kassel, Germany

"[You have captured] not only the essence of these buildings but the spirit of the people that made them in the 18th century, which is the same spirit as the people who made your nation... Your work is really, how do you say?, a masterpiece."
- Paolo Franceschini, Rome, Italy

Waco Texas "I went to the opening of the Texas Photographic Society show [at Baylor University] in Waco this past week. I enjoyed seeing your print and knowing its connection in your book... You are famous here in Texas!"

- Al Branden Waco, Texas

"... It truly is stunning and I hope it gets the recognition that it deserves. I am looking forward to sitting down with it and having a leisurely stroll through all the beautiful pages."

- Bonnie Bryant Hiller, New York, NY

"It is truly a beautiful book... It makes me homesick - the photos - they are beautiful."

- Victoria Kneip, Mobile, Alabama

"I received my copy of your wonderful meetinghouse book, and it was worth the wait.... Your interior photos were fantastically moving to me. Thanks for all your hard work."

- Steve Dixon, Asheville, North Carolina

"I just wanted to tell you how fantastic your book is! I've looked at it several times, but finally had time to sit down and study it. It is a marvelous piece of artwork. I hope you are proud of it, you should be. Congratulations!"

- Mark Fernald, Amherst, New Hampshire

"In a world where mega churches with projection screens behind the wealthy pastor have blurred the separation of church and state and where theology has been reduced to political sound bites, those stark silent churches stand to remind us that a more profound and personal version of faith built this nation. Hopefully works like this [book] will continue to draw interest to insure their preservation. Thanks for such a wonderful book of photographs."

- Gary Thomas, Fort Collins, Colorado

"There is something so human and poignant about the swing marks on the surface of the door, and I think of the many people who would have handled that hook and what their lives must have been like.... All of the photographs, both interior and exterior, draw you in to thinking about the lives of the people who would have worshiped in those spaces. Thank you so much Paul for this treasure."

- Jeannie Goodwin, Dover, New Hampshire

"The new book arrived yesterday and what a treat! This is a very impressive body of work and one I look forward to visiting many times.... I can almost hear the feet walking on the old wood floors of the meetinghouse, I can smell the dust and feel the air in your images. In a way, I can image the meetinghouses filled with people listening to the morning sermon, I can image the noise of children wanting to leave and of people breathing, coughing and living in the spaces that your images show. In one, I can imagine a small boy scratching the image of a wooden masted sailing ship into the wood as he sits bored listening to the sermon on a Sunday morning.... I had the pleasure of getting to know Paul Caponigro a bit, and he told me that we should always work to print our emotions into an image.... The work of yours that stands out most to me are those where I can get an emotional connection to what is being shown, I can almost feel your joy or sorrow in them."

- Eric Biggerstaff, Parker, Colorado

"I sat down Saturday afternoon and read [your book] from cover to cover. I was spellbound page after page, and found myself saying over and over 'that's my favorite,' only to find that the next page brought the same response."

- Cecile Pimental, Newbury, Massachusetts

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